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Why CBD Oil? Studies have shown that Cannabidiol (CBD) helps in the following: Relives Pain, Reduces Inflammation, Relieves Anxiety, Promotes Bone Growth, Inhibits Cancer Growth, Reduces Seizures, Improves Concentration, Reduces Blood Sugar Levels, Prevents Nervous System Degeneration and many more Conditions.

Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

Produced in Texas. FDA compliant.

Suffering from chronic pain, anxiety or depression? Want to boost your immune system or manage your stress better?

Try our CBD oil blend, produced locally in Texas from organic hemp cultivated in Oregon and Colorado. Our fully extracted oil contains all other cannabinoids and has been distilled to ensure the highest quality.

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The Benefits and Scientific Effects of CBD


When one feels pain or discomfort it is a common habit to immediately reach for some pain medication. The pain is either maintained or reduced for only an acute period of time and you are then forced to rely on it knowing that you may experience the harmful side effects of the medication if taken over time. However, CBD oil and other products that are derived from CBD are gaining more popularity, as they slowly become the natural replacement of pain medication. Some label CBD as an herb or supplement, nonetheless, it works almost immediately and does not carry the typical negative side effects that have been associated with common synthetic pain medications. We know that inflammation is a primary cause of pain, disease, allergies, poor blood circulation, and reduced nutrient uptake. When inflammation is suppressed, your body has time to recover and heal. This is what makes CBD oil so fascinating because even though you may feel pain or discomfort in a targeted area, you may have inflammation in other parts of the body you are unaware of. Consuming high quality CBD oil, like here at Local Hemp, can address the inflammation in other parts of the body that one may not be aware of, thus creating a healthier and happier body.

New research is now showing additional benefits of CBD that can help address symptoms of anxiety, stress, disease, illness, and much more. It can also enhance your overall health if used as a preventative measure, and can speed up the healing and recovery process. Sublingual (under the tongue) use of CBD oil in particular, is the most effective way of absorption so it can start working right away. If taken orally in a pill form, it must go through the digestive tract to become metabolized in order to be effective. If used topically, it must be absorbed through the layers of the skin and then enter the blood stream, this practice is usually best for more targeted areas. Ultimately, the sublingual method is optimal as it goes directly into the blood stream and does not need further processing or breaking down by the body, which then allows the active ingredients to start working right away and targets points of concern. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

100% All Natural, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Non-psycoactive, Strict Organic Growing Practices. We have the highest quality Hemp CBD OIL in the Market. Full-Spectrum Supercritical C02 extraction is the only viable option when wanting to preserve and extract the valuable terpenes and other beneficial compounds.


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